A native of Sweden, Caroline Hoffman graduated from Averett University with a B.S in Equine Science and Business. She started to compete in dressage at age five and is a USDF Gold Medalist and 2014 DASC Grand Prix Champion Open. Both she and her students have won multiple national and year-end awards. She trains with Sabine Shut-Kery and Olympian Morten Thompsen and has also worked with Olympic, world Gold medalist, World record holder Charlotte Dujardin, Debbie McDonald and Jan Nivel.

Her GYROTONIC® education was with master trainers Christina Stroh, Sebastien Plettenberg and Leda Franklin. She discovered the GYROTONIC® training system ten years ago when she was searching for a fitness method that could help her as a rider improve feel, balance, strength, flexibility and coordination in order to be a better communicator and partner to her horse.

She was amazed at the changes in her body. She noticed improvement in her ability to communicate with the horse without interfering, and an ability to apply the aids much more effectively. She felt compelled to share this with her dressage clients and incorporate it as a part of her integrated training program, teaching riders how to enhance their effectiveness, communication and harmony with their horses.