“As an athlete, I always look for ways to improve my riding and communication with the horse. Working under Caroline’s instruction, GYROTONIC® exercise has taken the control of my posture and body awareness to a different level. It has been really helpful to work closer on strengthening and coordination in my body in order to maintain my correct position when riding a horse that is going in incorrect balance. At the end of my GYROTONIC® lesson I feel as if I had a full body massage, combined with great stretching and lengthening of the body. As a dressage rider, I find it really important to focus on the coordination of my body and making sure that my right and left side of my body is equally developed. For example the leg exercises, especially the double circles take a great deal of coordination, body control and awareness that is similar and necessary in dressage in order to stay effective.”

Sabine Schut-Kery
FEI dressage trainer, clinician and competitor

“I have trained with Caroline for almost three years. Her training method for the rider consists of Gyrotonic training and Dressage. This unique combination gives the rider the correct body awareness and positioning to be successful in the saddle. She also combines different training methods for the horse. With dressage as the foundation, she also uses cavesson lounging and ground work. The horse becomes very balanced both physically and mentally and is able to fully connect with the rider. Caroline is a very talented rider and trainer, with a focused, gentle and never forced teaching style. In just a few short years she has helped me advance as a rider, now competing at the Intermediate 1 level. Caroline has helped me keep my 20-year old Grand Prix horse in top shape. He is sounder and healthier than ever. I highly recommend her!”

Christina Johansen
California State Champion in Fitness Figure – 2010
USDF Silver Medalist
2014 DASC Prix St. George Reserve Champion, Amateur
2014 RAAC Reserve Champion, Amateur

“I first came to know Caroline in college in Virginia where we studied Equestrian Science together. She has developed into an exceptional dressage trainer and GYROTONIC® instructor. Her approach is unique in that she focuses on strengthening a rider’s weaknesses through cross-training with GYROTONIC® exercise. Caroline is 100% dedicated to her clients and demonstrates this by being available outside of the arena for support. Her clinics have brought me a new found awareness on the importance of a rider’s overall health, conditioning, and well-being.”

Nicole Bhathal
Nicole Bhathal is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. She currently serves as Southern Regional Director at the California Dressage Society.
2011 RAAC Champion Prix St George Adult Amateur
2012 RAAC Champion Intermediare 1 Adult Amateur

“Through years of Parkour training, I have become stiff in my hips and back as a result of injuries. Gyrotonic workouts have dramatically increased the movement in my hips and back and reduced pain in those areas. My body has opened up more and my back is straighter. I can feel the difference when I sleep and also just walking around.”

Danny Goler
Parkour Practitioner
You Tube Video: Dan Go Parkour 2013

“I have been riding for 45 years, I’ve had many horses and trainers. I have found Caroline Hoffman to be an exceptional trainer and teacher. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and really wants her clients to grow and improve. She has a big heart and truly cares for her clients, both human and equine. She is an excellent horsewoman and rider. She has taught several horses for me over the last fourteen years, many from the ground up. She trained Ebano from a parade horse, for my late husband, into a Prix St. George School Master who at 20 years old is still going strong. Caroline is person of exceptional integrity and great work ethic. I feel privileged to be able to train with her.”

Antonia Rivin-Staubs
Owner, Ride Your Dreams – Costumes & accessories for horses & people

“I have worked with many dressage trainers and Caroline is by far the best. She understands my specific challenges and goals and communicates lovingly and effectively. But Caroline is more than my dressage and fitness trainer. I rely and depend on her advice on every aspect of horse care. From her I have learned how to own and maintain a horse. Through my GYROTONIC® and dressage training with her I now have a stronger core, a longer leg, quieter hands…and a new-found confidence, both in the saddle and in life.”

Julia Marshall, Marshall Public Relations, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoy my Gyrotonic workouts with Caroline. It’s fun! As a human and equine chiropractor, I understand the importance of balance and
symmetry. This applies in unison with the rider and horse’s body. Often when a horse’s body is out, I find the underlying cause is the imbalance in the rider’s body. Gyrotonic training puts me, the rider, in the proper posture and motion that coincide with the correct seated position. After working out in Gyrotonic I feel my core is taller and stronger, and, because of the way Gyrotonic training repositions my body, the muscles I work respond more effectively. Working out in Gyrotonic will not only improve your riding, but also your overall symmetry and balance.”

Dr. Don Moore
Dr. Moore is a fourth generation Palmer graduate and second generation equine chiropractor.
He is also a Mixed Martial Arts competitor and high school wrestling coach.